Monday, March 03, 2008

past. present. future.

excerpts of the saturday morning sessions
taken once. upon a time ago.
recollecting mazes of old photographs
a rebirth. of being brought to life.
i wrote a bit of this. and a bit of that.
and then i simply deleted.
sometimes it feels like the words get lost
or then maybe,
then just need to be held inside
a moment longer.

but it's wednesday night.
and after a good not so good and back to good
day at work
i came home a bit inspired
did a bit of work
strange, but i like doing that kind of work.
finding new designers. stores.
and one thing always leads to another.
endless at times.

and then i caught myself thinking about him.
the one that is so often in my heart
and on my mind.
its a special place that he holds there
sometimes a lonely place,
but he's simply there.
the heart. the mind.
its often two languages that they speak.
but its the language of the heart
that i understand most.
simply because it feels the most.

i have my fleurs surrounding me,
almost like a meadow blossoming.
poured a late night glass of wine
and put myself to more work.
and i still love my fleurs,
the root of what started and what became
but today also brought new inspirations,
continuing inspirations.
the angel collection is falling into place.
slowly. surely. but with her gentle wings.

i'll drop subtle hints
of these angels amongst
mink and pearls.
and lace with satin flowers.

i almost think its time to say good night.
reflect on the day.
and maybe send myself off to a dream.

i made a wish this morning,
and wrote it down.
and i smiled
as i wrote those words then.
just as i smiled
writing these words now.


susanna said...

I hope your wish comes true, Angela. And I look forward to hearing about your angels. Now I'm off to get myself a glass of wine - thank YOU for putting that idea into my head! :)

madelyn said...

I think i have been wishing
my whole life ...

and I know yours will come true ~
i just feel this is so:)


these lines

sometimes it feels like the words get lost
or then maybe,
then just need to be held inside
a moment longer.

i have so much bottled up
inside me that i long to share
~ but cannot at present ~
and they wait to bloom i suppose..

oh i love your writing...

and that that you?

you are so gorgeous:)

susan said...

oh i remember these photos... so beautiful! and be looking in the mail, a package for you from me. (finally) and hugs and hugs to you with love i am sending you as well.
the road is rocky but this summer we will sit and have that wine, together!

Anonymous said...

Are we ever going to speak again?
From the one you miss.