Sunday, March 02, 2008

star star... teach me how to shine

- kyra -
its the wonderful way she shares her world.
the questions she asks. or the way she smiles.
and the wonder of simply watching her grow
into life.
kind of like a star.
sunday evening

and its quiet interlude of thought.

drinking a glass of wine after a late night coffee.

coffee that leaves the skin and the heart warm,

and making you trace fingertips along the brim of that empty cup.

maybe like wanting to remember

or simply to let the taste linger

just a moment longer.

and right now,

i like hearing the wind of the storm outside,

its a bit calmer now. and hushed.

but taunts in a lull, as though again

just to remind you of the presence.

like whispering,

here i am.

and in between all of this,

star star is my gentle musical companion.

just like this constant play, stop, rewind,

that strums thru the heart.

yet always wanting just to pause or simply fast forward

and keep bodily beautiful moments alive

and close by my side.

like that cup of coffee. tonight.

"star star. teach me how to shine shine.

teach me so i know whats going on in your mind."

- - - - - - -

this weekend had a few precious moments.

time alone. time with friends.

martina and the girls downstairs.

making wishes. and day dreaming a little too.

smiling with blossoming hyacinths and tulips

all in purity of white.

finding an old dresser for little things like

teacups and teapots and porcelain.

or spending sunday afternoon at a market with elisabeth

and then sitting in the car in a parking lot

talking just a bit more

because as girls,

there are always so many things on the mind

and in the heart.

but i think what i'm really holding on to

is tonight

and that cup of coffee that made me smile.

pause. linger. and play that song again.


susanna said..., you have a gift. Have you ever thought of sending your writing to a publisher?
I also spent a day with my girlfriends this past weekend. Sigh...I so needed laugh and to have a heart-to-heart conversation with a supportive friend. Girlfriends are like gold, aren't they? And now I'm drinking a mocha hot chocolate. Mmmmm...

So are you planning on coming out to NYC any time in the future? :)

Anonymous said...

Darling Angi, I love that you were thinking about teapots and teacups on my birthday. :)

Mail with an Australian stamp should be landing in your letterbox soon... or perhaps it has already arrived?