Thursday, October 23, 2008

these little wonders...

and an older portrait
from the saturday sessions
taken once upon a time ago.
one of those photos most dear to me.
today is one of those days
simply filled with the things we call
these little wonders.
my mind is racing with stories to share. to tell.
written as though spoken.
but a day like this leaves one tired
and there's a bed and a warm blanket calling my name
under a window of autumn night stars.
today was about manifestations and wishes that come true
in unexpected moments.
and those are always the most beautiful.
it's about a day filled with smiles
and inspiration found around each and every corner.
in people. and occurences.
these little wonders...
they happen on days when you wake up
and you simply feel something is in the air.
and you welcome the day, opening your arms
as though you open your heart
and simply say in a quiet and loud voice,
here i am.
and this morning
i sat where i'm sitting now, at the kitchen table,
writing in the pages of my book
manifesting the day before me.
it's how my day usually starts.
writing lists. writing words.
with a cup of coffee.
and i asked for a day that simply leaves a smile on my lips
as it does on my heart.
i asked for a day that brings wonder and sweet surprises
and a day that confirms and instates faith, hope, belief
that everything is just so as it should be.
and i asked for a day that not only i find the inspiration
but that i could also be inspiration.
i asked for a day that leaves magic like playful shadows.
and that's exactly what today was all about.
maybe i can share more later,
maybe i'll keep it just as whispered fragments
as i so often do
simply written between the lines.
but now as i call the day just that,
i wish that everyone feels the magic in their day
and writes it down on their heart,
each and every day.
i believe that was ralph waldo emerson
that once said something like that.
write it down. write it down.
these little wonders...'
and this grateful and happy heart says
thank you.


susan said...

change is coming -- we BOTH cut our hair! :)
hope that ireland was perfect and photographic !!!

we do need to catch up my dear. life is extra full now with mum in the house. but time set aside for ourselves is a must.
pick a time!

Rrramone said...

Your writing is just lovely. And what a great shot! :-)