Tuesday, October 28, 2008

femme heureuse.

café stories.
and random stories...
of when secrets are told.
and secrets are heard.
photo taken in café rouge. london.
once. a while ago.

i'm off to paris in the morning.

and i'm already smiling when i simply think about it.

my suitcase isn't yet packed,

but that's okay.

it's a habit i have to save that for the last minute,

and then to fret if i forgotten this, or forgotten that.

it's just a short trip of wednesday and thursday.

business. work.

but you can be damned and assured,

i'll savour and adore each and every moment.

i don't have my meeting until the afternoon.

place vendôme.

so i'll spend the early part of the day,

wandering thru the streets,

absorbing, watching, listening

and letting it all be inspiration.

it leaves a smile on my face already.

and i remember the first time that i ever went to paris,

the first time that i ever walked thru the square of place vendôme,

it left me with a curiousity of the people

that pass there with their day to day lives..

the stories they have. their comings. their goings.

i stood in the middle of the square

simply wondering.

and if you would have told me that years later,

i'd be walking thru that square myself,

on my way to a business meeting,

i don't think i could have seen it. nor believed it.

the past days have been good.

it's like there's an energy in the air.

i find myself pondering over so many things,

and yet i find it hard to spill the words,

form and shape them in a written conversation.

so many things are happening.

like a reinstatement of faith and of the self.

and manifestations that reveal themselves.

and each and every day,

there's an eagerness and an anticipation

just to see what's around the next corner.

but there's also a calm and a quiet

that reminds me to just be still,

to take a moment

to feel,

and to take a deep breath.

there's something that is reminding me

to keep the faith

and simply believe.

and i'm learning patience...

and that's a big thing for the girl in me.

and that's a big thing for the woman in me.

and i find myself saying the words again and again...

une femme heureuse.

une femme heureuse.


susanna said...

Paris! Ohhhhhhhhh...I've never been there...yet. One day I'll go. I hope you have a wonderful time there, Angela. Well, of course you will! The cafes, the window-shopping, the people-watching...sigh... :)

And that photograph is timeless. It brings to my mind, as most of your photographs do, films. Have you ever dreamt of being a filmmaker?

maddie said...

made me heureuse just reading this:)

have F U N!!!!!