Friday, November 07, 2008

these are the days...

going thru older photographs. again.
and simply observing. observations.
london. café rouge sessions.

hello. again.

i came home with all intentions of writing.

to tell a bit of this. and to tell a bit of that.

"kleine erzählungen" is what i'd call it in german.

silent conversations about the little things...

or telling a little story i brought back from paris.

a story we'll simply call lost and found.

but we'll save that story for later,

when i find a more than just a quiet moment to write.

and to reflect.

simply because it's a story i want keep

and although maybe nothing,

i like to think there's something written between its lines.

yes. i always look for the magic in things

and the little hidden secrets.

but i just got home and it's later than i thought it would be.

this whole week has been like such.

last night was a bit of thai for dinner with regine

and then an evening of omondieu!

putting a small collection together for her store

and planning a "secret garden" event again.

then tonight olga invited me out to a small premiere of

"Das Fräulein von Scuderi" by Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann

also known as "Mademoiselle de Scuderi".

and i just found rather fitting with its coincidence

of recent happenings and becomings, and simply of recent parallels.

no, not of murder and of scenes of corpus deliciti... smiles.

but of paris and of bijou. or simply the name "fräulein" in itself

(as one of my new collections is named something similiar.

but again, we'll save telling that for later too.)

so tonight it was like a story within a story. all in its own special way.

but it's the scenario of this theater that i love so much.

tonight was simply a small and intimate premiere

in the spiegelfoyer...

which could simply be called the mirrored foyer.

and afterwards, we went for a glass of wine

and then for a midnight walk

up thru the hills overlooking the city and the lights,

taking the long way back to our cars,

and crunching our way thru autumn's fallen leaves in the dark.

talking. simply talking.

it was a lovely night needless to say.

and i don't even know what i'm still doing up at this hour

when tomorrow needs an early start

and promising to be a long fulfilling day of work

and i have a few of the girls coming over for dinner.

and i still haven't yet a clue what the menu is going to be.

maybe it'll be a steamed bouquet of artichokes

and then a big pot of mussels. fresh fresh mussels.

and wine. yes. plenty of wine.

needless to say the house needs a quick tidy up too.

but these are the days...

but i'm feeling wide awake right now.

that's what happens when there's an vibrant energy in the air,

and there's so many ideas and inspirations

that dance around in thought.

all these things that are happening

and all these things waiting to happen.

to simply fall into place.

it's coming back to life

with small steps that lead to the next step.

i think i simply needed that rest in between.

it was like a cradling. nurturing and unravelling.

after all the things that had been

over the past few chapters of the past year and some.

but now i need and want that power and magic again.

it was almost as though i had forgotten

it was still within me all the while.

and i can't say how grateful and thankful i am for my friends

that are pushing me forward

and reminding me...

constantly reminding me.

so maybe that's just what i needed to say tonight...

just a small and whispered thank you.

for friends. and for being there.

in the quiet times. and the chaotic times.

and even in the far distance of times...

but always in the close at heart of times.

and yes. these are the days...

when i simply feel i need and want to say

thank you.


Simon said...

I remember that one. ;-)


susanna said...

*smile* for you, Angela.