Thursday, November 13, 2008

of life and her magical ways...

a return to innocence...
"Meeting you was fate,
becoming your friend was a choice,
but falling in love with you
I had no control over..."
- Mary Oliver -
thursday night
and there's a beautiful full moon.
went for a walk when i got home,
a late night walk.
just to gaze, just to take a deep breath,
of the chilly november air.
and just to talk
to her. this moon.
la lune.

and we had another good day at work.
and there are days, it simply amazes me
to see the way we're growing,
the impact we're gaining,
the position we're taking.
simply the way things are unfolding.

and we still have such a long way to go,
to where we want to be,
but that's all a part of the journey.
and there are so many visions right now,
each day bringing new ideas, possibilites,
and that itself is so inspiring.
and some of it we can steer ourselves,
but so much of it evolves on its own.

i had a good conversation about that with my boss today.
he had a brilliant idea and then we just spun it a bit from there.
and even with this too,
i already look back in retrospect and realise
that this chance, this challenge,
this too was all a part of the masterplan.
little wishes and dreams i had long ago.
so strange how life,
with all her detours and traffic jams
still brings you there. keeps you on that map.

and although i'm so far behind on projects, on schedules
and i don't know when or how i'm to do it all,
but there's a calm inside of me
and i just know it's all going to be fine. just perfectly fine.

and i'm so happy with my team.
they have to put up with a lot working with me,
but damn they do a good job of it.
i don't think i'm really your conventional boss.
yes, i usually do a lot of things unconventionally.
and needless say,
as much as i can play with the figures and statistics,
i run my business and my company on emotion
and with instinct.
the emotion and instinct that comes from deep within.

and i like to think
that is what will make the difference at the end of the day.

but on days like today,
i like the way we can smile and laugh together,
the way we reach our goals together.

i start off every morning
after i get my cup of coffee
and ask them what they want with the day...
it's almost like it's a game we play.
but i just want them to manifest their goals,
to speak it out, and say it out loud,
as though we carve it into a stone.

i see us as a little family too.
and that's something else we did today.
we officially created a family.
and one day, i want this to be a big family.
with the good that we can do and we can share.

i've always believed that to receive, you have to learn to give first.
and so many times, we kind of forget to be thankful and grateful
for all the things around us.
and although the company is still growing
and we too are just in our children steps,
i want to make whatever difference we can.
personally. and professionally.

so we've been looking into adopting and sponsoring a child
that we hope will grow with us.
even if it's just a small symbolic way.
and with each year, i want this family to grow.
it's one of the other goals i've made.

it was also important to me,
that we find an organisation that is sincere,
and that the money, the sponsorship
goes right to the core and right to the reason.

so we've researched and looked at this and looked at that
initially i was hoping to adopt and sponsor a child in asia.
maybe cambodia or vietnam.
but today we picked el salvador. a little girl in el salvador.
and i just hope we can make a difference
and bring her some good
and watch her grow.

other little stories of the day...

tristan and isolde arrived in the mail.
and when i read the prelude of the book,
i found myself smiling. again.
because just as that thought of this gift had come into my mind
a few weeks ago,
the words i found written there were like a little confirmation
that yes, this was just the book and the story that was mean to be.
that yes, franziska will understand and she'll create
what i can envision, but what i need someone else's voice to speak...
and i know she can.

and i won't say a word. i'll just simply give a gift.

and these words of the prelude, they speak of gold and amethyst rings.
of love and desire.
about gold. about magical stones.
because this gift is meant to be
a subtle inspiration,
and a quiet muse
of a wonderful new jewellery collection.
saying all the things with its beauty
that i don't think i can say myself.

"Wem niemals Leid von Liebe kam,
dem kam auch nie von Liebe Lust.
Wie Tristan und Isolde nahm
ich Lust und Leid an meine Brust.
Leid ist ein amethystner Stein,
die Lust is Gold und fasst ihn ein.
In dieses edlen Ringes Glanz
erst ründet sich die Liebe ganz.
Nehmt, Liebende, vom edlen Stein,
nehmt viel vom roten Golde!
Ihr alle müsst selig elend sein
wie Tristan und Isolde."

it's just my subtle and quiet way.

anyhow. i think this girl has to find her way bed.
tomorrow promises to be another busy day.
and saturday it's off to freiburg,
to pick up my pieces from janete zamboni
at maureen's.
and that's yet another sweet paris story
of coincidence
and what a small world it is after all.

so strange,
how everything these days
seems to pivot and spiral itself
around bijoux. and paris.
like a playful nudge, a tender poke,
something taking you by the hand
leading. guiding.

yes. at times i do wonder
what it is the gods are saying.
what it really is
written between these lines.

of life and her magical ways...


susanna said...

Oh, it makes such a difference when we enjoy our work and like our coworkers, doesn't it? And how wonderful it is that you feel as though you all are a family. I imagine that you would be a well-liked boss, Angela. And to sponsor that little girl - what a great idea!

Janete Zamboni's collection is beautiful.

Kerstin said...

What a beautiful, and timely, post for me to read. I have just accepted a job where I will supervise a small team and all last night I had worries and mares of not being able to do it, not being good enough, of the job taking over my life. How ironic, because I really wanted, and do want, this job. So what you are saying here, about being an unconventional boss, and having become like a family, suddenly makes me realize that this is what I want for my job, too. Be able to be myself, to grow a team around me that enjoys what they are doing and where they are, where we respect and like each other, and become a family. I think I can do that. Thank you so much for these encouraging words :)

And I agree, what a wonderful idea to sponsor a little girl in need as a team. Lucky her to get the support of someone so special!

Bruce said...

Thank You for reminding me of this photograph. It means much to me.