Tuesday, November 11, 2008

la lune. la lune...

peggy's cove.
as her waves lull you. invite you.
almost as though they say...
whisper a dream. whisper a dream.

tuesday night and reflecting back on the past days.

a constant come and go.

of a whirling dance and a whirling wind.

can please explain to me, how it is

that we're here and now already in november?

sometimes i feel like it should still be september

as i ask myself where days go by.

the weekend itself was a sweet busy.

it was about friends. again.

it was about the girls.

friday night and full house here.

saturday morning up early for a business meeting.

it means big changes and big challenges

for all those involved.

and again, it's one of those situations and oppurtunities

that makes me reflect and retrack the steps

that lead it all to this.

yes. again. it makes me believe that everything

happens for a reason and a cause.

like a little destiny. a map that's been laid out.

but you simply only see that path you've walked,

understand it's little stops and detours,

after you throw a glance back over your shoulder

in retrospect.

there's almost an irony in it all.

my boss and i haven't really spoken about it out loud,

but i think on saturday we both had a moment

that we simply both quietly thought...

who would have imagined two years ago,

when this mission and this vision started,

we'd find ourselves right here and now.

one of those thoughts of never in a life time,

one of those thoughts that would have never crossed your mind.

we both did agree however,

that if this does all fall into place,

it's like a little revolution

and a door opening, into a whole new world.

and yes. although it is a habit of mine to talk in riddles,

and between the lines.

this is something that has to remain just that.

but in my own little way,

i like to think that this also has a bit to do with klaus.

an unknowing gift that he left behind.

and in a way, somehow i like to think it's him sitting up there,

looking down,

being his mischievious self. smirking and smiling.

and just taking care of things.

and sometimes i wonder what else he's got up his sleeve.

so i got home on saturday and took care of a few things around the house,

and then got myself back into the car to elisabeth.

and setting priorities straight,

it was in the door and into pyjamas.

girls night. elisabeth. kyra. and me.

dinner was on the living room floor,

sprawled out between us and in between a bottle of two of wine,

i was cutting out patterns for elisabeth,

and she was diligently sewing.

and i think kyra was simply thinking of all the strange and silly things

that mom and i were talking about.

but she's used to those talks and conversations by now.

smiles. yes. it's about being all girl. being all woman.

god. we have wild and wonderful conversations.

then welcome sunday

and having breakfast and quickly laying out and designing

elisabeth's new business cards and postcards.

and as usual, i was running late

as petra was on her way over at eleven.


i literally stayed in my pyjamas, threw on the trench coat

and thought to hell with it.

raced home just to get a text message from petra that she slept in too.

i was running late. she was running late.

the perfect partners in crime we are.

and then the two of us just had a wonderfully sweet sunday.

coffees on the kitchen table

and then heading into town to grab a bit to eat

and more coffee again.

sitting at garibaldi's and then off to the trinkhalle

until we were back home again

and it was sunday night.

monday came and went.

a busy day. a good day. an unexpected day.

late home at night day.

today was a bit the same.

a constant go at the office

but a good energy of go at the office.

left a bit early to bring the car to the garage.

yup. the mini started doing a few strange things on me.

as in, she didn't want to take the curve

when i wanted to take the curve.

it was as though we were playing a game of tug of war.

and damn the both of us were stubborn.

i pulled her off to the side. turned her engine off and started her again.

and things were fine.

but as i mentioned it back at work

the boss reckoned it would be better just to take a look

and bring her into the garage.

so that meant leaving her behind

and getting a brand spanking new car for the night.

okay. just a rental. and a beamer to boot.

and although i can't really say it's one of those cars i'd pick myself

it's always definitely a nice car to drive.

and not necessarily good when yet another speeding ticket

is one of those things not allowed at the moment.

and andrea and i wanted to meet up for a coffee after work

so again, as usual, guess who was running late.

i'm absolutely lost driving in pforzheim.

and prolly the reason i can't leave without my gps.

of course, the car of the day was without a navigation.

so i thought it was rather sweet,

when the receptionist heard that i was asking for directions,

and offered to drive ahead of me to show me the way.

i was wearing one of my rings today

and she was all smitten about that when i first walked in the door,

so i think as a small thank you,

i'll give bring a ring for her tomorrow.

just as a little gift. and a little thank you.

for going out of her way.

and coffee and talks with andrea were wonderful.

it's almost as though our whole lives are running on a parallel.

and we both always have too much to say.

sometimes i think that it's like

we're both holding a mirror up to one another

and we see ourselves.

i've only just met her thru work,

and i select most of my collections for the catalogue from her company,

but from the first meeting on,

we knew we were meant to meet.

again, it's sweet how these things happen.

and i'll say it again and again and again.

but yes, all things happen for a reason.

each and every encounter. each and every path crossed.

it's all within reason.

so next week. it's coffee again.

so now i'm on my way off to bed.

just needed to sit down and write.

hold on to the past few days.

and yet, there's still that one story i need to share

and need to tell.

the paris stories... the lost and found.

and whatever story that story needs to hold within.

for me.

and tomorrow,

i'm back on an auction mission.

i've had it on my mind for much too long

that i want a deer and her antlers

on these walls.

maybe for some, a bit morbid in its way,

but for me its the symbolism

the reflection of something majestic, graceful

and full of pride.

strong, vulnerable, and maybe at times naive

but with all her dignity.

her feet were always firm on the ground,

but her head, still always held high.

and all of that is said with her crown

and even after she's gone. its still what's left.

simply saying she was there. and she was here.

and i've watched this auction. and i've watched that.

but tomorrow is the one i want.

because once again, there's this little voice saying...

this is the one. this is the one.

almost as though it's whispering.

and it's simply something you feel. simply something you know.

(just the same as with all those other little things in life...)

so this is me saying good night...

and just letting you know

there's a most beautiful moon out there tonight.


abundant and voluptious

in all her mysterious ways.

la lune. la lune...

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susanna said...

Another beautiful post. I swear I can hear your voice speaking your words out loud even though we've never actually talked with one another.

An all-girls' night in sounds so wonderful. What is it about those days or those evenings? Makes me so glad I'm a woman.

And I'm curious to know what catalogue you put together although I can completely understand wanting to keep that part of your life separate from the blogging world. Still, it would be interesting to see what things you are drawn to. And I want to see YOUR collection, Angela!