Wednesday, November 26, 2008

love life. passionately...

love life. passionately. out loud. and in colour.
dare. to be bold. cause magic. share s ecrets.

la di da di da.

i've done it. i've really really done.

and yes. just a wee bit proud of myself too.

omondieu! is now officially back. and on. line.

there's still a lot of work to be done.

of words written. and photographs taken.

but this is what it's about

starting. again.

and doing it. simply doing it.

i'm still trying to figure out a technicality or two.

not really my greatest forte.

me. and technical things.

i honestly think,

i must have skipped school on that particular day.


but i did it. i really really did it.

and all on my sweet sweet own.

but also with friends

that have pushed me along the way.

and walked with me along the way.

blowing you a kiss.

love. hugs. ange.



susan said...

going to go peek NOW! you did it? YOU DID IT!! happiness angie... love love love, susan

Bruce said...


This is so exciting.

I love the simple, beautiful and bold look of what we see now.

Oh, and I skipped school that day, too!


susanna said...

And you answered my question! Angela, your collection is wonderful! Congratulations! My sister would loooooove one of your mink rings and I looooooove your huftgold shirt. Beautiful!