Friday, October 17, 2008

ireland. calling.

just a quick note

as all the words and thoughts i've written as of late

just never really found their way here.

maybe later. in postscript.

but for now

my suitcase is packed

and i'm on my way out the door.

ireland is calling.

even if just for a few days. away from it all.

long walks along the sea with autumn wind.

a coming of the tides

lulling their way in. lulling their way out.

conversations around the kitchen table with the girls

and magical spells cast.

ireland calling.

i'm on my way.


i cut my hair.

i guess when a girl does something like that

that means, change is whispering in the air.


susanna said...

Ooooh...Ireland! There's some magic waiting for you there, Angela. I hope you have the best time with your girlfriends. Remember to take photos!

Bruce said...

Peace be with you!

Fireblossom said...

Ha, when a girl cuts her hair, either strutting or heavy drinking ensues, depending on how it turns out. ;-)

Enjoy Ireland, it's a fine place for a poet.

And, er....would you perhaps consider using a larger typeface? I love your blog but find it difficult to read. ;-(