Sunday, July 08, 2007

hello. again.

i'll be back soon. i promise.

there is much to share. much to say.

much to open up. spill out.

about the past months.

the change. transition.

about loss. about falling down.

and about standing back up again.

i wanted to write a long letter tonight.

but at the moment,

just saying hello feels about right.



susan said...

darling lenny is a big big boy now! you are looking lovely as ever! so good good to see you here...:-)
oh oh #$(*&%.... it is too late to call now. we just got home from the day which went far too long with camp, photoshoot and driving home. will make up for it tomorrow. promise. 3 pm. my time.
xoxo hugs galore.

susanna said...

You're back!!!! Whoo hoo! I've been popping by from time to time to see if you were glad to find that you have returned. Missed ya!