Sunday, July 15, 2007

the apartment. these days

sunday morning roses. picked fresh.
glimpse of the dining room.

took the camera in the hand today.

inspired by tamara i suppose. and taking my own first photos

of my apartment. since moving in.

simply fragments. glimpses. fractions.

because that's how this home is evolving.

bit by bit.

a new start. a new chapter.

and those are the things i have yet to write about.

the original intentions of visiting here today.

but for now,

i'll simply share this. in fractions.

reflections. mirrored reflections.

in the dining room.

the bathroom.
of orchids. white towels. and mirrors.

some of my most favourite things.

a coffee bowl turned vase for summer flowers.

porcellan from angela johe and margitta hildebrand

a glimpse of the living room.

the tiled oven and fireplace.

more living room glimpses.
my baroque mirrors. my cherub candleholder.
a treasure brought back from amsterdam. in march.

the balcony.
and my first clematis that i planted. and it grew.
it's almost symbolic for me in a way.
an old birdcage, found at a flea market
and below a garden of green. lush summer green.

up the stairs and enter the bedroom.
there's a precious sensation
each and everytime i walk these stairs.
it's of space. of light. of intimacy.
and at night, lying in bed, gazing out the window beside the bed
let's me wish upon the stars and sleeping satellites...
yes, that little pink bird on the nighttable
keeps her watchful eye on me.
made by the one and only and ever so lovely alicia paulson
from posie - rosy little things.

fresh roses picked on a sunday morning
little tealights that flicker each night.
my bed is something special to me.
for stories told. maybe even stories to be told.
[said with a wink of the eye. and a smile on the face.]
i first spoke of her here
and then again here.
and to this day, i think she's become my centerpiece.
in a personal way.
a symbolic way.

and just a few of the books
that are being read. in fragments and fractions as well.
inspirations. stories. memories. hopes. dreams.
writing. reading. absorbing.
we all have something to say.


susan said...

so beautiful angie. can't wait to see it in person, very soon...
hugs and kisses to you my dear,

susanna said...

You have such a great sense of style, Angela. All the photographs are so beautiful. Does the fireplace work? Is it glass-tiled? It looks like tiles but...? If it is, you must take a photo of it this winter for us readers (meaning ME! Hee!).

And YOU! Look at you in that sexy dress! You look fabulous!!! That is a terrific self-portrait, m'dear.

thestraightpoop said...


Open the door to that're free now.



Boho Girl said...

i LOVE your sense of style.

beautiful sacred space you have.

and one vain question...where did you get that FABULOUS dress?


tongue in cheek said...

Angela it has been far far too long since our paths have crossed. Thank you for the open door tour, your reflection is beautiful.

Tracy Lydiatt said...

Dear Angela,
I have only heard of you through many talks with Tamara and it's so nice to see your face and your beautiful place...strange to say, it's how I imagined you'd look like!

I must say that you look FAB and Tamara shared with me that you have lost a lot of weight. I am along that path too...6.8lbs down, 35lbs to go....thank you for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Angi, Angi, I've been trying to find you. :) I hope you're getting my messages, darling girl. I'll be in your hemisphere with sweet Raphaela Jasmine in November...


susan said...

oh angie. how does sunday look to you for a phone fest? mail me!
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxohugs susan

susanna said...

Hey Miss Angela,
I hope you are doing well and enjoying the summer. I'm picturing you right now speeding along a highway in your little gold mini towards Paris. It's a very glamorous scene! Come visit my blog when you have a moment as I have a little bonbon for you there. :)

Kerstin said...

Angela, what a beautiful place! So stylish, sophisticated and warm. If I was ever single again this is how I would love to live. And even though you are not German, I can see the Germanic influence for all things simple and functional, yet stylish and cozy, in your designs. It makes me just a little homesick. If I lived over there we would have many chats over glasses of wine, or cups of coffee on that gorgeous balcony of yours!

I also want to thank you for your lovely comment on my blog the other; I was so happy to hear from you :)

And lastly, you look amazing in these photos! Love that green dress, it's stunning. As are you!

Take care,
Kerstin xo

Rochambeau said...

Thank you for the beautiful glimpses into your new world. Susanna says you're a Bonbon! Congratulations!