Saturday, November 10, 2007

this heart.

paris. the eiffel tower.
flowers and me.
20th of october. 2007.

i was there. and thinking of someone.

i always go there. to the trocadero.

sit on the steps. gaze amongst the people.

all these strangers.

and then this most amazing formation of structure.

and last year,

it was at that very spot that someone put a smile on my heart.

in an unknown and innocent way.

maybe something that really shouldn't matter anymore,

but it does. to me.

just before susi took this photo,

i sat on my steps where i always sit

and where i sat last summer.

wrote a message

sending my thoughts and my heart

along the way.

and as strange as it was,

i felt that i didn't have to send it far.

we went walking along the seine.

it was a most beautiful october autumn day.

carrying fresh daisies, letting our feet brush thru the leaves

and feel the wind and breeze pull and tease the hair.

we slowly found our way back to the hotel,

getting ready to say good bye to paris.

we stayed at the Hotel Thérèse this time,

but simply because Hotel Le Walt was fully booked. oh sigh.

hoping maybe next time. i made myself a promise of one day.

then slowly finding our way to the train station. back home again.

saturday night.

i did walk the streets of paris,

feeling, sensing that he could be on any given corner.

sunday a message came.

and he was there.

all it really said was

"are you still in paris?

i was at the notre dame when your message came"

same time. same city.

just a different corner.

and an indifferent heart.


tongue in cheek said...

Bonjour you, so good to catch up and see you again!
When are you coming to visit me in the south of France?

Love your style.

susanna said...

Sounds so lovely, Angela. Wish I could have been there with you. And, btw, those boots you are wearing are fabulous!

cally said...

how wonderful to read this, and also the 'smile on your face' link. I feel like it is a lazy afternoon in summer, as if I have had a fresh salad and stayed in to watch an beautiful old film, a classic, when films were films, with a breeze blowing gently in the window cooling the hot day as relax in a shady place.

your words are so, so evocative. also made me think of my own time in france in september '06 when someone at a wedding put a smile on my face. there is so little passion in my life (except for art) and i loved that the brief, momentary passion I had was in france, it felt so apt. good memories.