Thursday, November 08, 2007

passage public...

a photo. from paris. taken once upon a while ago.
passage public.

it's me again.

and i don't think of how much time has passed.

since i took the time to write. to find words.

or even just really say hello

to the self.

here. with words. thoughts.

and share them with friends.

and i can't say how many times i have wanted to write

just to hold on, capture, reminisce on little moments

or simply ponderings

along the way.

there are days i feel as though language has been lost.

and there are days i feel as though a new language is being spoken.

silently. quietly.

a hopeful language. playful in her way. learning.

at times stumbling. searching for words as well.

and i almost feel as though i'm searching for words right now.

so i'll just leave this with a whisper,

just to say that things are fine.

and even in my silence

thinking of you. and missing you.




rochambeau said...

Welcome back! I relate to all you say.


susanna said...

Oh, it is soooo great to read your words again, Angela. I've been missing you and your poetic posts. And that photo is just soooo beautiful - just like you and your words.