Sunday, August 26, 2007

finding. keeping. and sometimes losing. the heart.

reflections of passing by trains. places and faces.
after a long day. a good day. a friday. in frankfurt.

sunday. and after contemplations with the self

decided not to go back to frankfurt and
the tendence today.

rather to take and enjoy the day for myself.

get things done at home.

making sketches of ideas. evoking and provoking new ideas.

drawing maps and plans. of where i want to go

and what i want to become.

and i wrote a letter. simply ramblings.

of things i felt i need to share. want to share.

laundry is in the machine. i'm about to put a package together.

and get the fleurs and a few shirts together for that sweet shop

here in baden-baden.

then maybe sort thru a few more files. or take a sunday nap.

i'm just going to let it happen today. become.

the tendence was inspiring. again.

it's almost overwhelming. the colours. the designs.


it might have been good to go back again today.

take a bit more time to see things again,

with a second glance. a different perspective.

i have all these ideas swimming in my mind right now.

new ideas. still on the same parallels

as what omondieu! has been so far.

but different. in its own sense.

i'm just hoping i can find the materials i need

and the materials i see. that what i am envisioning.

or sketching on these blank pieces of paper.

and then of course,

i hope to find the time.

yesterday i spent the day on my own. in freiburg.

again it was relaxing time. winding down time.

walks. caf├ęs. reflections of the other sort.

i went to the one store that i so truely adore.

i wanted to speak to the owner, but she wasn't in.

also revelled in yet another flea market.

and found the one and other gem again.

cameos. again.

the matching ring to the cameo found last week.

and then yet another cameo, on a velvet band.

similiar to the idea and the necklace

that i'm working on myself these days. sans cameo.

but that's my secret. spoken between these lines.

and i also found my little deer.

have been looking for just the right ones. for a while now.

glorious kitsch. i know. i confess.

but yesterday. there they were. and i knew they were the ones.

i wish it were like this with all things in life.

the simplicity of that. of finding. of having. and appreciating.

sometimes, it doesn't always feel that easy.

and the more the heart beats for something

the further away is seems. at times.

i still didn't find the postcards or the photos

i was hoping to stumble upon.

but those will come with time. again. as well.

now it's time to get back to my sunday mullings.

of doing this and this and that.

and you know what?

i can't believe that august is almost already at her end.

i almost feel as though i don't want her to go.

not just yet.

saturday's fleamarket treasures.
cameo stories. again. of rings and velvet necklaces.
photo found at a flea market before. once upon a time ago.

oh my dear deer.


Marion said...

oh i love those dear deers...what a sweet find...

susan said...

ah musings of an ever creative soul. thanks for YOUR inspiration dear heart...

susanna said...

An inspiring fair, moments alone with your own thoughts...sounds like you found another good weekend, Angela. As I read your words, I can see that you and I are thinking of similar things... I've been thinking of black beaded necklaces and black ribbons, and tintype faces peering out of lockets and through holes in fabric.
And I've been thinking of my future, too.
And your deer... I saw at least six deer walking through long grass this afternoon. Beautiful and so gentle.

susan said...

THIS weekend is a winner, for us at least - sun? sat?

thestraightpoop said...

Bonjour mon amie,

I can't seem to get an e-mail through to you on your regular address...always delayed and then returned undeliverable after three days.

Is there another one I can write to? Would love to send an e-mail update!

Love you,

Bisou bisou,


Chelsea Talks Smack said...

I recently came across you site and absolutely love it.

I just started my own blog about a week ago, and I will be updating frequently, I added you as a link and was wondering if you would link me on your page..I'm trying to get as many readers as possible, and have a very active Myspace music account that should bring a lot of people as well.

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If you would add me as a link, and I'll do the same I'd appreciate it! Thanks!

Peace and Sunshine

susanna said...

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, Angela! I hope that you are well and happy and surrounded by friends and loved ones this weekend - well, I hope that you are ALL of the time! I'm missing your posts. :)

thestraightpoop said...

Oh Miss Ang,

I thought you were back when you posted so regularly and beautifully. My e-mails aren't getting through to you but are returned undeliverable. I sent a postcard but haven't heard from you.

Where oh where are you, my friend? Inquiring and caring minds want to know, and wish you had more time for communication.

I have some news to share, when you can get in touch...