Sunday, August 19, 2007

this and this and that. that and that and this.

so i don't write, or come by to visit

for what feels like a day and a year.

and then i come with this and this and that.

and that and that and this.

but i believe that this too, is part of the metamorphism.

if it can be said as such.

there are so many moments and fractions of the past months,

that i would love to recollect. capture and hold here.

dana's visit. tamara's visit. emotions of the heart.

the fragile moments. the strong moments.

letting go and holding on.

visions. dreams. hopes.


but those are moments of the past.

and in my own precious way. i hold on to them

with their own intimacy.

and i promise to catch up. soon.

with letters and conversations that need to be written

and spoken.

to friends that gave me their patience,

again and again and again.

and never ever stopped believing. or letting go. reaching out.

[and gaylene. finding the little signs, the little heartbeats you left behind

i can't tell you what that meant. even in all my silence.

those words will catch up soon. i miss you.]

anyhow. the moment is now. and that's what matters.

and it's about all the words that are still yet to be written

as it is about all the moments that are yet to be lived.

maybe it's like starting a new book. new pages.

so that's where i'll start. the present tense.

or at least continuations of those.

and these photos?

simply of one of my favourite shops around here.

one of the most beautiful shops around here.

haus nr. 13 is what it's called. in offenburg.

alex has carried the omondieu! collections

almost since the beginning days.

something i truely appreciate.

but it wasn't until recently, that she started to carry

the poesie collection as well.

clothing wasn't something that she had shown in the store.

but damn, if i say so myself, it looks absolutely perfect,

absolutely lovely

in the midsts of all her other gems and treasures.

she's in the midsts of moving the shop right now.

a few streets down the road.

and i can't wait to see how the shirts will look then.

and hopefully, the new collection of rings

that have been dancing in my mind

will be brought to life soon

so they can share their magic there too.

yes, it's all coming back.

step by step.


thestraightpoop said...

Thank god, my sweet. Welcome back.

Daisy said...

:) So lovely to 'hear' you. And hear you literally, on your voicemail, too.

When you have a moment, lovey... that's fine.

How I've missed you and all your prettiness and pretty things.


Daisy said...

{g} I left lots of those little heartbeats, didn't I? x

Rrramone said...

That is correct. And so is this. ;-)