Sunday, August 19, 2007

treasures of a day.

the cameo. a treasure of the day.

dahlias. the most beautiful dahlias.
lush. playful. and temptingly innocent.

the pillow. i couldn't resist.
"schau mich bitte nicht so an"
sweet sweet sweet.
please don't look at me like that...

from patti.
one of the two angels hanging from my window,
swinging on the finest organza.

lavender. i forgot that i finally got my lavender.

the cameo. my precious cameo.

champagne coloured pearls. paint chapped.
perfect imperfections.
those are the most beautiful things.


susanna said...

Lovely photos, Angela. I especially like how you've layered the cameo with a string of black beads. You've got style, girl! And those dahlias look so fresh! I was just thinking today that I should buy myself fresh flowers for the house...

thestraightpoop said...

Susanna is right, you have SUCH style girl. I love it. You inspire me.

I am glad you're back on here, love.