Friday, September 01, 2006

capturing... that perfect day.

capturing yesterday...

and the only words that kim and i really had

describing it to ourselves

was by simply saying it's a perfect day.

and i think that was the decision that the both of us

had met upon waking up and saying hello to the morning.

i can speak of my day already starting off just perfect.

up early and with the first cup of coffee

finding a dear letter to read.

and for the first time in days,

the skies were blue again, the sun wanted to play

and it felt like the tease of summer had returned.

and morning emails with kim

brought us to the spontaneous idea of asking,

how does heading out to freiburg sound to you today?

my last day before starting the new job,

and simply wanted to enjoy the day

and the freedoms that come with days like such.

the morning continued with more coffee,

getting some work taken care of, and taking time

to write and ponder thoughts over a letter myself.

and we know,

that all beautiful things arise in unexpected moments.

and that's just what happened with the photos

that were taken yesterday as well.

we'll call them conversations,

because that's exactly what they are.

captured moments of conversation.

there's an essence in kim.

usually thursday evenings are an evening

belonging just to us.

and we stir energy in one another,

share laughter, discuss things that often mean,

lowering the voice to a whisper,

maybe at times a nasty grin,

but definitely always a smile.

and kim too, is always there for me,

over the years and years and chapters of life.

when it comes to matters of the heart.

often helping me read between the lines of life.

or simply when it comes to sharing a glass of wine.

and as we sat out in the garden,

there was already many a memory created,

secrets that were shared,

and going thru the frames of photographs taken,

it's almost as though we can recollect the moments,

and all the things we said.

and hence, documenting words in a secret language.

and these photographs reflect the essence of kim.

the beautiful way she has of laughing out loud,

shooting straight from the heart, for the heart.

the playful look in her eye,

a smile that possess a feminine beauty, a grace.

conversations with kim come alive,

there's a spirit that lives within each and every word.

and this is the way i see kim.

the beautiful way i have gotten to know kim,

and cherish the friendship that we have.

yes, these are photos are our conversations.

we finally made our way to freiburg.

starbuck's was the first thing on the agenda.

and then simply walking down the cobblestone streets,

stumbling ourselves into shops

and finding little gems as souveniers of the day.

we made it to the designer's market

and elisabeth was exhibiting as well.

so there we were again, playing with hats,

and being the silly girls we can be best.

we carried on, stepping into my favourite vintage shop,

second hand glory and bliss

and both of us finding more gems to complete the day

browsing thru the racks, with bouts of giggles,

but often the oh my god said in that particular tone.

the one religion i have each and everytime in freiburg,

is going to the osteria.

of chandeliers and mirrors along an ancient stone wall,

and of wines and tapas, and sitting on old church pews.

the perfect scenario to enjoy a coffee,

or a glass of red wine.

kim and i decided to simply enjoy a prosecco,

while reflecting back on what really was

everything that a perfect day simply should be.

we decided to carry on,

with conversations and simply holding on to the moments,

and that lead us on to cohibar's

and the temptation of a strawberry margeritta or two.

and then little moments, like simply calling mom.

and letting her know that kim and i were out together.

yes, mom is back in canada,

but has also locked kim in a place in her heart.

and with each and every phone call over the years,

will always ask about kim,

or ask me to say hello.

and so yesterday, it simply felt like further conversations

that needed to be. just because.

and driving home, following a clear lit sky,

singing to ryan adams and where stars go blue again and again,

it was when we were able to conclude,

it was, it really was a perfect day.


i thank you for the friend you are.

i thank you for the moments and all the conversations.

for the laughs, the smiles

and even some of the tears over the years.

and i thank you for the beautiful soul you are,

and i guess what that all really means,

is i thank you for you.

for being one of the friends in this circle

that weaves itself around me.

and i thank you for yesterday.

and for that perfect day.

my love to you kim!



Kimberley`s Kram said...

Angi I am sitting here with tears rolling down my face not sad tears, happy ones crocodile tears!.This is so beautiful what you wrote and a day a perfect day we had! I love the photos but you , you brought this out in me..don´t ever forget that! i truly cherish our friendship; our talks our silly girly things we do that no one understands..laugh..there is no one on this earth I have this with! Me loves you and thank you thank you for this!

Rrramone said...

What a great tribute and photos. She is a beauty.

And to know that Starbucks are everywhere. Ahhhhhh. ;-)

susan said...

really really really lovely angie! you have a real gift of thelens! she is a beauty too and the lighting is wunderbar!

petra said...

good morning you both...

you know, that my english is not really the best, but I try to write my german thoughts in english words, so ok, here we go:
kim, we met two times till yet, but after our last "meeting" with angi at isabelles place, I think we should do this really more often. when I saw these beautiful pictures of you, angi captured with her camera all your positive engery, your warm laughter and your open hearted personallity.

and angi: if I ever will hear the words "oh I don't know, whether I'm good enough (du weißt was ich meine! ich kann das in englisch halt doch nicht so gut!!!! dann gibts ein riesen donnerwetter! so!)

also ihr zwei süßen, hope that we'll met soon, mayby for a glass of wine, or a salad or just a "girly evening"...

and kim: you have to have the latest news about my roommate and me and the story from amsterdam...

wish you both a wonderful day,

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

beautiful photos of your friend!!

thestraightpoop said...

Ang, you have a way of capturing beauty like no-one else I know. I would cry to see such amazing pics of myself - Kim is radiant and incredibly beautiful. Good work here!!

Come to Vancouver soon, and BRING YOUR CAMERA!

Hee hee. Love you.

susanna said...

Ohhhh...these portraits are beautiful. I need to find another word other than beautiful but your photographs ARE just so BEAUTIFUL! And I've decided that you need to write a book 'cause your words, the way you write like poetry, should be written down and shared and then quoted.

Angela A said...

Love these portraits. It does look like a perfect day. Funny but I had the song "Perfect Day" running in my head as I read this entry.

I would love to invite you to read my blog also (I have yours bookmarked now!). It is mainly a work blog -- meaning I talk a lot about work photography but I am hoping to expand it over the winter. But there are a lot of photos up all the time and I would love to hear your opinions on them.

It is good that there are two angelas. One here and one there. There should be one everywhere. :)

Ph and my blog...

--The Other Angela

k.d. said...

yes. beautiful. awesome. :)