Tuesday, September 05, 2006

the wedding...

last saturday

and anke and heiko's wedding.

but i'll have to write about it later.

because for now,

this girl needs to get to bed.

and sleep.


thestraightpoop said...

Oh my honey! I can't wait to have you take pics at our wedding! You are so good, sweets...

susanna said...

Wow! These photos are fabulous, Angela! You are sooo talented. Anke and Heiko are going to love their wedding pics. Good job!

PS - I'm finally back home after my trip and I'll be sending you a longer email soon. I missed reading your posts!

susan said...

awh aw h OH!!!! sigh, there are NO words to describe the lovliness you have capturedhere my dear. tamara is so lucky to have you take her photos.
love love lve this!

Angela A said...

wow, how green it is where you took those photos! Really gorgeous! Love Love that dress the bride has on!