Friday, September 08, 2006

friday night.

friday. it is friday.

i can't believe it is friday.

where has this week simply gone?

the first week at the new job.

and really, it's simply a blur.

not much i can really say as of yet,

as to how i embrace the challenge.

i have my yey moments and my ney moments,

but that's to be expected.

but i will confess, i was looking forward to the moment,

when i knew friday had come

and sitting in the car, driving home.

mind you, there i spend almost three hours a day on the road,

driving to and driving from.

i guess that makes the days even longer.

and monday means getting up even earlier,

having to drive to stuttgart to catch the plane to leipzig.

just for the day and the evening

and then heading back early tuesday morning,

straight from the airport to the office.

but i have a feeling,

this weekend is going to be much the same blur.

heading off now to patti's for coffee and talks.

dani's sent a text message,

asking if i have time for a few photos tomorrow morning,

which i might be able to swing,

however i also have melanie's wedding to photograph

and need to be there for eleven thirty.

had planned on getting a few emails taken care of first,

and a bit of work with the fleurs,

and i'm still kicking myself that i wasn't able to say yes,

earlier this week

and getting the brooches out the door for an event,

celebrating aretha franklin.

i had been asked to send 60 brooches

for the performers, presenters, producers and press.

joss stone and natalie cole and chaka khan,

to name a few.

but between the arm still being a bit lame,

and having had to pull that off literally over night.

just to get the blooms there in time,

there was just no way i could do it.

the lady was really sweet about it.

she's been showing support along the way

and thought this would be a great opportunity.

and it would have been. it really would have been.

so i can simply hope the the gods and the universe

will be on my side one day soon,

and letting a chance like that arise again.

having written that,

i'm now doing my own rendition of R-E-S-P-E-C-T

and be assured, a bit off key.

oh aretha, you are a queen!

anyhow. sunday i reckon should be a day of rest,

but i have vowed to get back to the office downstairs.

taxes need to be done, i have two interviews that are waiting,

and as we know, those are things i'm never ever do well with.

i have fleurs that need to be packed and somehow sent,

and not sure how i'll get it done.

but i will. even if only a few things disappear from the list

of things to do.

anyhow. patti is waiting.

and it is friday night.

and it has been a long and hard week.

so we'll simply let it be just that.

friday night.

[photograph from the saturday sessions,

which i believe i'll call the marilyn sessions,

taken a couple of weeks ago.]


susanna said...

What a busy, busy life you lead! You are living a full life, Angela, recognizing beauty everywhere, and that will attract Opportunity to show up on your doorstep again.

PS - I hope your arm starts to feel better soon.

susan said...

awh, i wondered where for out thou?
sigh, i hope today ends up beautiful for you and that the interviews go well and ... we have talk time again soon...
best of today!

maditi said...

as beautiful as marilyn :) wonderful shot!! good luck with the job, have a lovely week!!

aline said...

dear Angela:

Thank you for your inspired comment on my site. I really appreciate the feedback. Thank you!