Thursday, September 28, 2006

welcome thursday

it's thursday and late morning.

and i've forgotten what these days feel like,

being at home, pacing the day with the work before you.

tomorrow i'll be back in the office,

however also looking forward to a very long weekend.

and hopefully getting caught up with work. with rest. with play.

the past couple of days left me absolutely knackered.

tuesday night out with the girls for dinner

and expecting an early evening.

found me home by one in the morning

but then finding emails from tamara,

that there's been a bit of a stir with our clooney collection.

yes, yes. george clooney for president.

apparently there was some more media hits

and we concluded the perfect time

to bring in a few more new styles.

i think bed finally found me by three am

only to be up again at five am and on my way to work.

i didn't get back from pforzheim until about seven pm

and although i was hoping for other plans to unfold that evening,

i stopped off at isabelle's as we had a bit of work to do.

home by eight thirtyish in the evening

and that's when the late shift started,

getting the new shirts for Mr. Clooney up on the website,

and having a few personal sessions of cursing out loud.

and that's also the moment i decided

i needed to treat myself to something too.

so the shirt above is the one i'll be flirting and flaunting.

it was my anniversary yesterday,

so a treat to the self well deserved.

my anniversary of coming to germany,

a few too many years ago.

i don't even dare think of how long it's been.

and one of the other thoughts in my mind,

is an email that tamara sent me the other day.

an email, that was in between our conversations

over the new year.

an email, in which we were telling each other

our dreams and hopes and wishes for the year to come.

and it was almost mind altering,

thinking about how many of these things had come true,

or are even still changes in the happening.

many of them are still bubbles that dance in the air,

but just seeing this list,

was almost a confirmation that dreams can come true.

and every now and then,

i think we all need to write it down, manifest this within,

and like a treasure map, hide and bury it away

with a bit of time and space and distance.

and then on one fine day further down the road,

follow the map and see the paths we've taken.

what we've left behind, and how far we've really come.

maybe that's the way we should see life.

not so much the road map before us,

but make it our own personal treasure map.

just silly random thoughts on a thursday,

with a cup of coffee on my side.

and more hopes for all the things to come.

1 comment:

susanna said...

George Clooney for President! Hee! I can foresee a flood of intern job applications and resumes pouring into the White House's mailroom!

I like your idea of writing down your dreams so that they'll "manifest" within. I should do that, too. I've been filing a bit lost lately and that may help.