Friday, September 08, 2006

photo friday... boy

photo friday

and today's thought is simply called "boy".

and although i wanted to post a picture of a grown boy,

because i like to believe,

there's always a bit of boy in each and every man.

just as much as there is girl in each and every woman.

but then i remembered this photograph,

and a walk along english shores,

once a long while ago.

and he was simply a boy,

on a february day,

walking along on his own path.

but also, taking steps in his life, for his life

and towards his life.

because that's what every step we take is.

a journey.

and i always have to wonder,

what thoughts and dreams, hopes and wishes,

just might be wandering thru all these minds,

as we simply pass by,

each walking our own path in life.

1 comment:

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

this photo is magical, the black and white shadow effect, misty and rich, the boy and his boat, the wandering floating stillness....