Thursday, March 09, 2006

100 ideas... life is a wish jar

i'm a list writer.

always have been, since childhood days.

whether i write a list of things to do

for the day, the week, the month.

or i write a list of day dreams and wishes and wants.

and at the end of every day, i make a list [even if just in my mind]

of all the things that made me happy, or made me smile.

or simply the things i am thankful for.

it's like the perfect lullaby putting me to sleep.

and then there is keri's beautiful and playful list.

100 ideas.

but i think her most important words on the list

are those in the beginning.

simply said "a work in progress"

because that's what our life, each and every day

always should be.

what is on your list today?

1 comment:

susan said...

today's list

stringing pendants
instructing layering in acrylics class
meditative moment
rethinking red paint
some new menu item
more fruit
ignore weather
look for light in small places
do a spring dance in the back garden