Thursday, March 09, 2006

let there be light.

finally. i have my little chandelier.

for weeks, i've been on ebay trying to get my hands

on the one or other chandelier.

in this house where everything feels like it's falling apart

and not really a budget to be working with,

i need more lamps.

in the living room. the hallway. the bedroom.

and while i'm at it, i reckon for the upstairs office as well.

the couch is already on it's way and during that time

the living room is getting a bit of a revamp.

[i promised myself, that this time yes,

i'll take the before and the after photographs]

and just a few minutes ago

i finally landed a good auction on a chandelier

much less than what all the others were selling for,

regardless if new or antique.

for fourty euro, this isn't bad at all.

i'm still not sure if this is the bedroom chandelier,

or the hallway or living room chandelier.

but i reckon she'll decide where she wants to be when she gets here.

oh, she's so gloriously kitschy. and that makes her beautiful.

and yes, this was one of the things on my list today

sometimes i really do believe,

that just by writing wishes and wants down,

we really do make them come true.

let there be light.


susan said...

YES!!!!! ooh it is the most beautiful one as well.
hooray for ebay! hooray for light!
you spiffy decorater!

thestraightpoop said...

SO BEAUTIFUL!! Oh hon, gorgeous! I can't wait for the photos!!!