Monday, March 13, 2006

monday babbles...

monday again. almost startling how fast days move

and change from one day to the next and next and next.

some days i feel like i should still be stuck

in the middle of february.

and here we are with already in march midway.

i had a lovely early start today. and getting the fresh air

first thing in the morning with the pup was definitely

the happiness of the day so far.

i'm in the studio, surrounding myself with the fleurs

doing inventory of what was sold at the trunk show on saturday

and preparing three more packages that i need to send away.

one going to cologne and some lovely ladies at the grundy tv network.

a few of the girls got their hands on the flowers a few weeks ago

and then a nice big order came in from some of the other girls that wanted.

so i suggested just sending them a whole big package that they can keep

for a few weeks. maybe showing more colleagues and friends.

then another package for the floral & home store we were at this weekend.

she was really smitten with the blooms and would like to carry them herself.

should be good, as i reckon her own girls are already the biggest fans,

each of them having bought almost enough for each finger already.

and then a package for a salon here in lahr.

for some reason, salons always sell the fleurs well.

most be something in the need for women to treat themselves to something new

after getting colour, cut and style?

i know that i'm always a candidate for such things.

alex' package for haus 13 in offenburg is finished as well,

i just have to get myself or petra over there to deliver it.

there are a few locations that i want to contact this week for meetings,

not so much for the fleurs, but for the new poesie shirts.

and i really have to get myself working on the lovely letters

getting the website designed, the shop built,

figure out affiliate things and then the copy editing. ugh.

and needless to say, hoping that me and tamara can unveil

our little playful and girlfully silly new project this week too.

but right now, all i really want to do is close my eyes.

i swear, i could fall asleep right on this chair.

and strangely, today is a blue sky, promise of spring day.

i should be just blossoming with energy.

yesterday was lovely sweet and absolutely lazy.

i treated myself to a sleep in. well deserved after saturday

and a twelve hour on the feet day at the trunk show.

regine came by around noon and we had coffee here first

before heading off to another flower shop that had open sunday

and my feng shui consultant was doing presentations

so i wanted to go to be her cheering squad.

i can't wait until i few of the renovations at home start happening.

unfortunately all low budget at the moment.

but there's the new big red couch to look forward to

and the throw rug too of course. and the chandelier.

then i'll simply paint and stay with the white walls to keep things light

rearrange and replace the wall art.

i reckon it's time to add my own photographs to the walls,

as well as the gold baroque mirrors i still have from the gallery.

and then plants. i need more plants.

the rest i'll have to work towards step by step.

but spring is always the time to start longing for new.

and at the moment, i wish i could do a complete revamp of the entire house.

i did treat myself to a few knick knacks over the weekend.

a lovely ceramic heart that has a crackle glasur in a soft pistachio green.

she's currently on the window sill in the kitchen.

simone and i did a bit of a trade at the trunk show,

so i also got me some lovely smelling satchets for the dresser and the wardrobe

cucumber and melon. and now everything in the bedroom smells subtly yummy.

myself included?

then yesterday, i bought the sweetest little angel,

with rhinestones and soft pastels.

i have her hanging on the kitchen wall too at the moment

but i think she'll be finding her way to the bedroom once i revamp there.

and of course, a lovely rose patterned coffee mug and saucer

[which is actually a soap tray, but too perfect for this cup]

it's very nostalgic of my poesie shirt collection

so i reckoned she'll be good for more inspiration along the way.

yes, yes. me and coffee mugs and tea cups.

regine and i finished the day by heading off to the bistro in offenburg.

still a bit tad to be sitting outside,

but we got ourselves a cozy corner and good coffee.

perfect for sundays.

and i guess it's time to get back to my fleurs.

i'm determined to make and keep my list of things to do this week

but also going easy on the self.

i have a habit for making the lists too long, too big.

but this week is dedicated to one step. then the next step.

patti is coming by to pick me up to go walking at 7 o'clock this evening

and friday me and the girls will be off to freiburg.

treating ourselves to an afternoon off.

shopping and caf├ęs and a lovely yummy dinner.

i reckon, this is already promising to be a great great week!

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