Friday, March 31, 2006

chairs... chairs... chairs...

anyone that knows me well,

knows i have a love for vintage and stories told again.

and i have a love for chairs.

i love photographing them. i love wondering about their stories.

i believe each chair has a story.

and then i find a website called chaircouture

and i'm in absolute love. love. love.

oh yes i am.

and i adore how margaret, the lady behind chaircouture,

lovingly names each and every piece.

oh i'm in heaven. chair heaven that is.

[and my hats off to one of the most beautifully done websites.

this is minimalistic purism at it's finest]


susan said...

oh my oh my oh my dieu!
i lovethis!
going to look more..

uLLA said...

Me too! I love these! Wish I had the $$$ to afford them. Very inspiring.

cally said...

Wow, I was so excited by the one you show and then you say there is an entire site! I'm tempted to skip work so I can have time to look, I don't want to wait till tomorrow. Didn't you do well finding that one.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Chairs! I use to work with a man who upholstered chairs, old chairs like these. I would find old curtains or vintage fabric to cover them, he would do the hard part , and did it the traditional way.
These old chairs with a twist of modern hip to them look fantastic!! Though I see the old bones underneath and rather they didn't have the facelift!