Wednesday, March 15, 2006


today, i'm celebrating.

which means i even got dressed up for work.

not something that happens often,

considering you'll often find me at noon,

still in my jammies, still not under the shower,

until i take lenny bo benny out for his afternoon walk.

and then get dressed up.

yes, do i admit here, that i'm one that never leaves the house

without her lipstick?

but today, i'm wearing my new black skirt,

a black turtle neck and tailored jeans jacket.

accented of course with a big and beautiful gwendolyn's rose,

as well as a ring that i don't yet have up on the website

and my new gold coin layered necklace.

i like it because it tinkers sweet and i play plenty with it.

especially while thinking.

i'm still wearing my necklace from andrea,

a most precious gift, and a lucky charm so to speak.

but i have that tucked under my turtleneck at the moment,

as i do always need it near.

but when you're self employed,

and basically the girl for everything.

you often have days that feel more unproductive

than they do productive.

i try to justify it, in saying it's sowing seeds.

but needless to say, there are days that even that justification doesn't help.

and then there are the moments, that everything feels

like it's coming together.

and magical things happen.

yesterday in itself was rather uneventful.

working on fleurs, trying to get packages completed

to be sent on their way.

catching up on emails i'm way behind on,

and messing around with the new project that tamara and i are working on.

but in the evening, suddenly there was an abundance of good news.

susan from the artstream gallery wrote to say,

that yet another photograph was sold.

i was already so thrilled and overwhelmed

with the sales and the resonance from the last exhibit.

photographs primarily from my café series, taken in venice, paris and london.

black and whites, and observations simply taken in cafés

[very intimate places for me...]

so with a new exhibit of new artists already on in the gallery,

i really wasn't expecting this as a follow up,

as well as two more photographs from the limited edition

that i need to send again.

so i'm hoping that the new camera will happen soon,

reminder to the self, to finally finish working on the portfolio]

and once the new camera is very definitely mine,

i reckon that a trip to paris will soon be on the agenda too.

exploring and discovering with open eyes.

and so one found me with a big smile on my face yesterday.

a smile that said thank you susan. she's been absolutely amazing to work with.

supporting the arts and the artists in a most fabulous way.

but more good news kept coming in.

catherine, an editor from one of my favourite canadian fashion magazines

wrote to say she'd like to bring the poesie shirts in the june or july issue.

and a fabulous boutique from chicago contacted me,

showing interest in the fleurs,

and very possibly the poesie shirts as well.

i've had such a continious great online response from chicago,

especially after the daily candy feature.

however this will be [fingers crossed] the first boutique in chicago

carrying the collection.

then the request to be a part of a LA Lakers celebrity charity evening.

i still have to decide on that. definitely a great oppurtunity,

and usually these have a big price tag for participation,

however this would simply be a product donation

and of course, for a good cause.

damn that i don't live in los angeles,

as she asked if i'd like tickets to the event as well?

so yes, it's simply a reminder that even the days

that feel as though you work yourself in circles

and can't see the direction you are heading...

do sow their seeds. planting for good things along the way.

good things, like yesterday.

and that is something to celebrate.


Ulla said...

How wonderful, you have enough here to Celebrate for at least a month I think! Congratulations...

Katrina said...

Life is wonderful! Now you can walk around for a while feeling like everything and everyone is smiling at you!

Congratulations on your growing success!

thestraightpoop said...

Wow! You didn't even tell me this stuff - I think we were too busy to talk about! Hon, what a great day that must have been. Yay YOU!

PS If you do the Lakers thing, I'll go to the game for you! Hee hee.