Saturday, March 18, 2006

once upon a time ago...

once upon a time ago...

i had a gallery. which was simply called galerie neun.

it's been a couple of years since i closed the door now,

however sometimes it feels like yesterday.

either in my own memory,

or when approached by people on the street.

it wasn't the longest chapter of my life,

but i can say, it was a chapter that seems to have left it's impression.

yes, sometimes it's still a painful chapter,

and sometimes a chapter that leaves me with a smile.

it was actually through the gallery,

that i had met susan, as she was travelling through.

sometimes i believe we meet people for a reason,

and yes, the both of us were destined to meet.

there are times, i wish that money possibly wasn't the issue it is,

and i could pick myself up,

find a lovely place by the sea

and open shop again.

today, was yet another meeting at the gallery.

i like to think it's part of the healing,

the letting go, and the beginning again.

i had a moment of closing my eyes,

and i could see it all over again.


susan said...

i just got chills looking again at your beautiful space... what a small crazy world we live in!
thank you for sharing this personal entry. hugs,

Ulla said...

the two of you speak the same language... what a beautiful space, I can see tears in the walls...

joy said...

your space was so beautiful...what nice memories..

decor8 said...

I love your space Angela, it's like an art gallery in a rustic gorgeous space. SO pretty.