Saturday, March 04, 2006

the best[est] part

so it really makes me wonder,

that even though being a big girl now,

and all these years...

licking off the batter of the cake from the beaters,

is always the best[est] part of baking a cake.

i now have a yummy banana nut loaf in the kitchen

and there's a photograph of older days in my mind.

me standing on the stool, leaning over the kitchen counter,

watching my mother bake a cake.

i think the next time i go home,

that's a photograph i have to find once again.

for some reason, it's one of the pictures through out all the years,

that literally photographed its memory into my mind.

it's late. and i think i'm on my way to bed.

but at this moment,

i'm very much having a "miss you mom" moment.

wondering if eating another slice of cake is going to help?

1 comment:

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

well put! I hope you have dreams of home and sweet.