Saturday, March 04, 2006


some saturdays have a feeling or an urge of productive. some saturdays have a feeling and an urge of laziness. translate that to unproductive. today i suppose, is one of those saturdays that i feel stuck in the middle, between the two.

i reckon there's no house cleaning happening on my plan today. something that maybe should be on the plan, but yesterday's quick tidy of the kitchen and bathroom, a sweep thru the living room was enough for me. there is a spring cleaning inspiring itself in my mind, but looking out the window right now, it is everything but spring. in all my years living in germany, snow is a rarity. especially when you come from the likes of edmonton and canada. but this winter, has been unlike all the previous years.

snowflakes. lots and lots of pretty snowflakes leaving everything looking like it's been sprinkled with icing sugar.

i have yet to get my groceries today either. must remember to make the list. have decided that banana bread is being made today. after baking cakes the past two weeks, and not having baked for the past beyond me years, i also have no explanation for where this desire to bake is coming from. mind you, there are carrots in the fridge as well, so a carrot cake could be on the plan, but i reckon banana this week, carrot cake next week and i'll be damned if i'm eating more than just a piece myself. so that said, why am i really even baking?

senseless ramblings today.

i also reckon that now is a good time to head off downstairs. either work on flowers, or simply more purging, organising, flipping thru magazines [that are meant to find their way into the bin] and simply giving myself that sensation of productivity, in a lazy sort of way.

these are saturdays. maybe they are meant to be simply lived, and without agenda.

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