Sunday, March 05, 2006

cold hands and warm hearts

it is march. and really it should feel like spring outside.

and not the first winter days of the season.

but it's still leaving me quietly happy,

because if only every winter day really were as it was today.

things would be sweet. lovely sweet.

soft crunchy snow. and blue skies.

i just got back from a walk with pup.

my lenny bo benny pup.

angry with the self that we didn't take the camera today

but a part of that could also be explained

by the fact that mr. lenny also recently mistook camera

as a favourite new toy of his.

so along with the growing list of "needs"

including dishwasher, mobile phone, lamps, couch, vacuum

and as of today coffee machine,

there's also a new camera on the list.

kind of leaves me gasping for my breath

wondering how all this "new" is to happen?

but the couch is on it's way. lovely big and red.

and i have my heart set on another chandelier

that i'm determinded to call mine.

but whenever lenny and i come back from a walk,

we always stop to say hello to bono.

it's just been over a year since we've had to say good bye

and i still miss the boy with all my heart.

i like to think he's around. in his own little way.

but right now, i have lenny curled up at my feet,

sleeping and dreaming of running in the fields,

and everything feels just fine. the way a sunday should.


Ulla said...

What a sweet telling, and a lovely photo. Memories can be bittersweet, yet, they are what make us human.

susan said...

tis a lovely lovely photo ... and my! how lenny has grown so much.
you look very happy and memories are just that, happy, sad all rolled into one.