Tuesday, March 07, 2006

wanting spring...

i'm in the midsts of putting some photographs together for the local press.

announcing a trunk show that we'll be doing at one of the most beautiful flower shops here in the area this coming saturday.

and going over the pictures again and again, i found these. and now i must confess, i had totally forgotten this session. with simone, my niece and lenny, who at this time was still just a pup.

looking outside my window right now, i overlook exactly these fields where we took the photos. so to speak, this is [un]officially my backyard. the view from where i write, and from the bedroom too.

however, right now, it's white, the branches are bare and even with reflecting light, there's a lull of grey. but these photos are just the reminder and the promise for me, that soon, spring too will once again be here.

i think the colour of the day should be green. lush lush green.


Ulla said...

These are wonderful, you are very photogenic!!!! and so is Bo...

susan said...

sigh, yes, spring to spring , but not soon enough!
lovely photos!

maditi said...

wanting spring soo bad too ;)
wunderschöne fotos!!
danke für den netten comment und das nette kompliment,geb ich gleich zurück - superschönes blog ;)